Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Bootle M.I. revisited

As I intimated before Christmas, last week I visited Bootle Cemetery in Liverpool to see the result of the work my sister and I had commissioned on the Memorial Stone which I inherited from my father, on which were the names of my paternal grandparents and their daughter, my aunt. There have now been added the names of my parents who are not buried there but who were both cremated at a place called Landican on the Wirral Peninsula, just south of the River Mersey. This extra wording is obvious from the photograph above which looks as if just the new wording has been gilded. In fact the whole stone is gilded but to my surprise the gilding on the upper part has deteriorated rapidly over recent months. If you are interested you can compare with the photograph I published on 15th April 2010.

The complete inscription now reads:

Loving Memory of
beloved wife of
who died 19th May 1927
aged 59 years.
beloved husband of the above
who died 18th January 1938
aged 71 years.
dearly loved daughter of above
who died 31st December 1940
aged 43 years.
son of the above
who died 16th February 1954
aged 60 years
and his wife OLIVE MILDRED
who died 13th March 1989
aged 91 years
both cremated at Landican.

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