Monday, 23 January 2012

Blog Correspondents

I have recently had two interesting messages, which I have published following the blogs for 'Belgium-twice in two days' on 3 May 2011 and 'Christchurch and Great-gran' on 26 Feb 2011. This blog asked for a positive identification of someone in a photograph and my new correspondent has identified the lady as his or her great grandmother. Brilliant! I will be able to pass on the information. The other comment did not give a contact address but he (David) did join as a blog follower, so I wrote to him via that route. However he has not got back to me as yet. If he does I might be able to put him in touch with the correspondent mentioned on 3 May last. Such a 'stop' in corresponding has happened once before and I am wondering if there is some fault in the blog system of communication, though it seems to me to be working. Perhaps one of our other blog followers could try it out and write to me as a 'test'?

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