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Belfast Burials revisited

The Belfast City Council Burial internet site that I reported on on 26 March 2011 has added some images of documents which can be downloaded. Not all of our clan burials there have such images but thirteen have. There is more information than we have known before, such as place of residence, cause of death, religion, fee, name of grave owner. I will take them in groups, according to the surname on the documents. Today, McIlhagga:

Belfast City Cemetery, Section II, Class 4, Grave 279.
Daniel McIlhagga from the Fever Hospital, 15 Ashton Street, aged 25 (an error for 24), a Baker, died of Exhaustion on 7th June 1905. Religion: Presbyterian. Fee paid 10/-. Signed as Registered Proprietor of the Ground by H.J. McIlhagga, who was his wife for three years, nee Harriett Jane Mc(C)autrey. They had one son, John, in 1903.

Belfast City Cemetery, Section LI, Class 4, Grave 568.
Elizabeth McIlhagga of 20 Ambleside Street, aged 2 years 7 months, died on 12th July 1919, of Broncho-pneumonia. Religion: Brethren. Fee paid 10/-. Signed by the Registered Proprietor of the Ground, George McIlhagga. Elizabeth was the fifth daughter (and eighth child) of Samuel Robionson McIlhagga and Jane McNeice. George must have been Elizabeth's half-uncle, the son of George McIlhagga and his second wife Elizabeth Patterson. George and his first wife were the parents of Elizabeth's father.

Belfast Cemetery, Section II, Class 4, Grave 279.
This is to me a new record, using the same grave as Daniel McIlhagga, above. Hugh Hagan, of 31 Lepper Street, aged 4 weeks old, died of Bronchitis on 24th April 1920. Religion: Episcopalian. Fee paid 10/-. The interesting thing here is that the person who signed as the Registered Proprietor of the Ground was Harriet J. McIlhagga, the former widow of Daniel. However, the date of this burial is long after she had remarried. Presumably she signed with the name McIlhagga because she was still 'Proprietor' in that name. Was Hugh Hagan her child? We don't know. Hagan was not her new married name, unless she had married for a third time.

Belfast Cemetery, Section LI, Class 4, Grave 568.
Ruth McIlhagga, of 103 Kilburn Street, aged 2 years, died of an infection of the lungs, on 14th March 1902. Religion: Brethren. Fee paid 7/6d. Signed for the Registered Proprietor of the Ground, Saml. R. McIlhagga, Ruth's father.

Dundonald Cemetery, Section F4, Class 4, Grave 356
Robert McIlhagga, aged 53 years, of 5 Azamore Street, a Plater, died on 13th October 1912, of Broncitis. Religion: Episcopalian. Fee paid 10/-. The document is signed as Registered Proprietor of the Ground by Margate McIlhagga and initialed by S.McI. 'Margate' must have been Robert's wife, nee Margaret Craig, and 'S.McI' was probably their son Samuel who must have accompanied his mother to make the funeral arrangements.

Belfast Cemetery, Section H, Grave ?
Mary McIlhagga (note mis-spelling for McIlhagger) of 97 Charles Street South, aged 66 years, died of Diarrhoea and Bronchitis on 31st January 1884. Religion: Presbyterian. Fee paid 7/6d. Owner of grave John McIllhagga (note mis-spelling for McIlhagger). Mary was John's mother. As Mary McAusland she had married John's father, David.

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