Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Grave Mystery

It's always good when a correspondent shares some of their own creative thinking, especially when it's been sparked by something in this blog. A regular correspondent from Yankalilla, South Australia, has sent me the following interesting letter and has agreed that I may share it more widely. If anyone has any comment we would be most interested.

Your latest blogs about the Cemetery records made me revisit the site and this time I managed to work out how you see everyone buried in one grave. I don't know why I hadn't seen that before!
I was surprised when I looked at the grave of Elizabeth McIlhagga (nee Walker) in Roselawn Cemetery. She was the wife of Andrew McIlhagga who is buried with his parents Robert & Margaret (nee Craig) in Dundonald Cemetery.

Originally when viewing her record I assumed a typing error was made on the recording of the year of her burial as it was 2 years after her death. But all four people in the grave have the same error???
Elizabeth had a sister Margret one year older than her and a brother Thomas 3 years older but nothing indicates a link to them. I can see no link between the names in the graves except their death dates are close and two burial dates recorded indicate they were buried at the same time in lots of two.

I can only think of a couple of possible explanations. Perhaps their bodies were donated to science and this is the procedure. Or their bodies had been relocated due to some reason like landscaping/ renovating of this or another  cemetery.

Occupants of grave T 2212, Roselawn Cemetery
Date of Death
Date of Burial
 Record Image
Lizzie Brown
2 July 1975
1 July 1977
31 August 1975
1 July 1977
18 October 1975
18 October 1977
21 October 1975
18 October 1977

 Do you know of any explanation? It is a mystery to me and although on the peripheral of my research it has me curious.

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