Monday, 18 June 2012

A Workhouse Death

Belfast Workhouse

Having, in the past two days, listed the details of twelve burials in Belfast, six of them using the name McIlhagga and six using McIlhagger, finally we have an unusual document from the Belfast Cemetery, using the surname McIlhaga, which is entitled An Application for Interment in the Public Portion. For the low fee of 2/6d the Registrar accepted a burial at 10am on 19th October 1915 from a Mr. A. Linton (I think this is the name) for Norah McIlhaga aged 11 weeks from the Workhouse. She died on 16th October of a Congenital Disability. Her religion is given as R.C. (Roman Catholic). 

This is the extent of the information on the form. I'm afraid we know no more. I would like to find the name of Norah's mother, who we may suspect was a single woman, and I'm sure it must be in the birth and/or the death records of the Workhouse which are now in the Public Record Office in Belfast. However, this may not be possible until 2015/16 as those records are closed for 100 years. I'm visiting the Office next week, and will enquire.

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  1. Yes, I did enquire at PRONI (Public Record Office of Northern Ireland) and as i suspected, the Workhouse books are closed for 100 years. DM.