Friday, 28 September 2012

Centenary Day

Today is the hundredth anniversary of the signing of the Ulster Covenant. In 1912 it was a Saturday. I have written about it fairly fully in the past so won't repeat myself. What I have not done before is to look up the addresses at which our clan members lived. There were about fifty of them. Most do not throw up any surprises but one, I find, has recorded two names incorrectly and eight addresses have people with other surnames who may or may not be related to clan members.

The incorrectly recorded names are at 42 Gainsborough Drive, Belfast. David McIlhagger is transcribed in the Covenant Index as McIlhagga and Elizabeth Louise McIlhagger is transcribed as McShagger. From the photograph of the original signature, above, I think Elizabeth Louise wrote very clearly!

The addresses where there were other people are as follows:

29 New North Queen Street, Belfast. In addition to Henry McIlhagger there are James and Kathleen M. Boyd.

33 Linwood Street, Belfast. In addition to Nathaniel McIlhaga there are David and Sarah Jamison.

Tullygarley Bridge. In addition to Andrew McIlhagga there is also Jeannie Bolan.

3 College Avenue, Londonderry. In addition to Jeannie McIlhagga there are four others, James and Lillie M. MacMaster, Minnie McDowell and Miss Jane Gilmore.

85 Queen Street, Ballymena. In addition to Mary McIlhagga there is Jeannie Sutters.

30 Donegall Avenue, Belfast. In addition to William and Mary A. McIlhagga there is Jeannie Boyd.

6 Lawther Street, Belfast. In addition to Robert McIlhagga there is R. Lowry.

104 Mountcollyer Avenue, Belfast. In addition to John G. McIlhagger there is also Isabella Carse.

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