Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Searching on the Internet

Six months ago I bought a copy of the family history programme called Family Tree Maker because it was the cheapest way to have six months access to ''. In the past couple of weeks I have spent a lot of time retrieving all the information on offer related to our clan names - not only the main ones but all the variants I could think of - and have been surprised by the results. One thing I have learned is that some results are 'hidden' behind ways of writing a name like ours, which at first one might not think of. If, for example, you can't find the information you expect by putting in the name  (say) McIlhagga, first try spelling variations like McIlhaga and McIllhagga &c, but equally important try M'Ilhagga, MacIlhagga and Mc Ilhagga (this last one with a space between Mc and Ilhagga). You will be surprised what is there.

I will share my results over the coming weeks, though first I must note that there was some information to which I did not have access (without further expense) because it was reserved for those who had a World (not just a UK) Subscription, so, for example, I was denied information on the following:

Mary J. McAlhagga, Michigan, US City Directories;
Tim M'Ilhage, Illinois, US School Yearbooks (with photo);
McIlhagey family, Hamilton, Ontario in 1901 Census of Canada;
Andrea McIlhagey, Michigan, US Public Records Index Vol.1;
Samuel R. McIlhaggar & Elizabeth McIlhaggar, both died 1972, Australian Cemetery Index 1808-2007;
S. McIlhaggart, Canadian Phone Books 1995-2002;
McIlhagger, Australian Electoral Rolls and Marriages & Deaths;
John McIlhagger, 1911 Electoral Roll for Christchurch North, New Zealand;
S. McIlhagger, Sydney Australia Directory 1927/8;
MacIlhagger, 1906 Canada Census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan & Alberta;
McIlligan family in 1930 US Federal Census for Barnstable, Mass;
Mary Ann McIlligan, marriage in Rainy River, Ontario;
Charles McIlligan, US Directory of California;
Jan McIlligan, US Public Records, MI;
McIllhagga in Australian Electoral Rolls;
McIllhagga, Military Records of Canada & NSW Australia Directories;
Shawn A. McIllhagga, US Public Records;
Samuel McIlhaggs, 1937 Electoral Rolls, Wimmera, Victoria, Aus;
William MacIlhagga, 1936/7 Electoral Rolls, Darling, NSW, Aus;
Ina MacIlhagga, 1930 US Federal Census, Erie, New York;
MacIlhagga in Australian Marriages;
C. MacIlhagga in Canadian Phone Books;
George Mc_Elhago, New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957.

I have listed the above in case any reader of this blog does have access to any of these records and can share them with us. However, they are but very few compared to the records which were available. I'll begin next time with the names M'Elhaga, MacHagan and MacHago.

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