Sunday, 9 September 2012

Ten M'Ilhaga entries

My next set of records on were registrations. First, four deaths for M'Ilhaga. Now I have a Family Tree for Nathaniel and Ellen McIlhaga/e (not the Carnmoney Nathaniel and Ellen) with appropriate birth dates in the mid-late 1820s, who had a son James born mid-1840s who married Rebecca Johnston and had six children including Wilson and Samuel. I did not however have any death dates for them. But the four from Ancestry fit the bill and add significantly to our knowledge. They are:

Ellen, born about 1826, death registered Jan-Mar 1886, age 60 at Belfast (Vol.1 p230);
James, born about 1844, death registered Jan-Mar 1899, age 55 at Belfast (Vol.1 p2217);
Wilson, born about 1881, death registered Jan-Mar 1907, age 26 at Belfast (Vol.1 p220)
[actually born 30 Dec 1880 at 59 Preston St, Eglington, Belfast];
Samuel, born about 1892, death registered Apr-Jun 1893, age 1 at Belfast (Vol.1 p184)
[actually born 7 Jun 1891 and baptised 27 Jun 1891].

There were also four marriages  and two births listed under the spelling of M'Ilhaga. Of the four marriages I already held the details of Samuel marrying Grace V. Marrs (Registered 1874 Belfast, Vol.16 p405) and William John marrying Norah Wellwood (Registered 1908 Belfast, Vol.1 p284), both with the surname McIlhaga. I also held details of Nathaniel Owens marrying Henrietta Wilson (Registered 1866 Belfast Vol.16 p477) though with his usual spelling McIlhagga (so do we have here a transcription error, so very frequent in Ancestry?). However, the fourth registration is quite new to me. It is for John M'Ilhaga in Belfast (Vol.16 p493). Whom did he marry? There were a selection of possible surnames for a spouse in the Register - C/Green, Dugan, Hamill, Loughran and Owens. My guess is Owens, simply because this family has cropped up before. If anyone can enlighten me I'd be most grateful.

Finally there were two births, first William John Marrs M'Ilhaga, registered in Belfast in 1877 (Vol.11 p249). This I knew as part of the McIlhaga family descended from William John (born 1879) - though who was his father? Second there was Jane, registered in Belfast 1889 (Vol.1 p236). She belongs to the 'other' McIlhaga family and was the daughter of James and Rebecca McIlhaga. She was to marry Thomas Robinson in 1908 and have a large family.

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