Saturday, 29 September 2012

Tardree Townland

I have recently added to two blog entries, those on 18 August ('Two Henry Tenancies?') and 21 August ('A Shared Tenancy in Castlegore').

There is one other residence reference to Nathaniel [O] McIlhagga which is in the Connor Parish Continuation Book C in a townland nearby Maxwell's Walls, namely Tardree, with Map 2Ba, where the name of Viscount Massereene & Ferrard is crossed out in 1882 and that of Nathaniel inserted, only to be deleted the following year 1883 and that of Viscount Massereene reinserted. I can only assume that during that short period Nathaniel toyed with the idea of expanding his farming enterprise, which didn't work out, or perhaps he simply needed a house for a short period either for himself or someone else.

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