Monday, 8 October 2012

McIllhagga reprise

Over the past couple of years I have noted half a dozen uses of the spelling McIllhagga and in particular I wrote about it on 16 May 2010. Each resource we use will of course vary in its use of our different spellings and each will make different errors in their transcriptions. For these reasons I have recently been noting how different spellings occur in Nearly all are the same as in other sources such as findmypast, but for completeness I will now list the 'double l' versions, most of which are McIllhagga and all or most of which may go back to original sources:

Birth of Christopher John Maddocks, in February 1984, Stockport, Lancashire, England, Vol. 39 p.1334. Mother's maiden surname, McIllhaga.

New York Passenger Lists. Joan aged 31, born in Greenock about 1888, travelled from Glasgow to New York, arriving 2 Nov 1919 on board the Columbia. She was a Domestic (Servant) going to Calgary, Alberta, Canada (where as Johanna McIlhagga she married). She gave her brother as William at Abels Terrace, Hamilton Road, Motherwell, Scotland.

Australia Electoral Rolls: 1954 - John in Swan, Western Australia; 1972 - Basil and Coralie Patricia in Stirling, Western Australia.
Deaths in Australia: 1883 Margaret Gillespie, nee McIllhagga; 1951 Agnes Scott, nee McIllhagga.
New South Wales Directories: 1925, Robert; 1926, R.

England Marriages: Elizabeth M.J. to Eric A. Harding, July-Sep 1958, Birkenhead, Cheshire; Jennifer to Andrew D. Holmes, July 1989, Sheffield, Yorkshire.

Canada Marriage: John Hutchison to Mary Ellen Kennedy, 16 Feb 1910 at Daly, Manitoba;
In Canadian Military: William, Joseph and Thomas.

USA, Death: Bessie Lowrie Young, nee McIllhagga, died 1940;
Public Records: Shawn A. McIllhagga.

Ireland, Birth: Robert, Oct-Dec 1941 in Dublin South, Vol.2, p.511; (Mother: Robinson).

Scotland, Phone Books, Glasgow 1972: R. McIllhagga.

Migration and Movement Records:
Thomas, from Liverpool, England, aged 13 (born about 1896) arrived Quebec, Canada on 28 May 1909 on ship Corsican;
Six records for R(obert), born Belfast, an Able Seaman, as follows:
From Suva to Sydney, arrived 26 Dec 1917 age 29 (b.1888) on Atua;
from Brisbane to Sydney, arrived 5 May 1918 age 29 (b.1889) on Gabo;
from Rockhampton to Sydney, arrived 24 May 1918, on Gabo;
from Vancouver to Sydney, arrived 18 Mar 1919 age 30 on Niagara;
from Sydney to Honolulu, arrived 9 Feb 1919 on Niagara;
from Vancouver to Honolulu, arrived 28 Feb 1919 on Niagara.

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