Monday, 29 October 2012

Some more Census 'Strays'

A few 'strays' in Censuses who might easily be missed, including the two people I mentioned yesterday:

1861 Scotland:
Margaret Mc Hagger, 17 (b.1844 Ireland), Sailcloth Weaver, staying with the Wade family, 11 Main Street, Greenock, sister-in-law to Robert Wade, sister to Jane Wade and Aunt to Agnes, Robert and William;

1901 England:
Catherine S. McHaggan, 19 (b.1882 Scotland), Telegraph Learner, Boarder in Pendleton, Salford, Lancashire;

1901 Scotland:
Agnes Mc Haggart, 46 (b.1855 Govan), Barleyhill, Gl(sic) Govan Head, Falkirk, Stirlingshire;
Alexander Mc Haggart, 26 (b.1875 Greenah [Greenock?]), son, Labourer;

John McHaggie, 41 (b.1860 Glasgow), Boilermaker, 20 Cross St., Partick, Govan;
Lizzie McHaggie, 39 (b.1862 England);
Robert McHaggie, 17 (b.1884 Partick), Apprentice Ship Plater;
Lizzie McHaggie, 16 (b.1885 Partick), Laundress;
Alice McHaggie, 14 (b.1887 Partick). Laundress;
John McHaggie, 12 (b.1889 Partick), Scholar;
Minnie McHaggie, 10 (b.1891 Partick), Scholar;
James McHaggie, 7 (b.1894 Partick), Scholar;
Agnes McHaggie, 5 (b.1896 Partick);
Mary McHaggie 3 (b.1898 Partick);
Allan McHaggie 10 months (b.1900 Partick).

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