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M'Ilhagga marriages

In my last blog I listed 79 M'Ilhagga births that can be found in Over half of them were new to me. Not so with the marriages. Below I list 38 M'Ilhagga marriages between 1865 and 1907. One was new to me! (in italics) Admittedly ten I cannot at present fit in to Family Trees, but the others I can. The Ireland Civil Registrations give a name, year or quarter when registered, the registration district, volume and page numbers. From other sources I have added the name of the spouse in nearly all cases:

Nancy Betty 1865, Antrim 16-42; Alexander Brownlees;
William 1868 Ballymena 1-167; Jenny Stewart;
Ann Eliza 1872 Ballymena 16-163; Hugh Kelly;
Jane 1872 Ballymena 11-156; James Boyd;
Margaret 1872 Antrim 1-3; John Fullerton;
May 1872 Antrim 1-3; John Fullerton;
William 1872 Ballymena 6-171; Mary Jane Bell;
Robert 1876 Ballymena 6-139; Margaret Craig;
William James 1877 Belfast 16-389; Ruth Woods;
William, Apr-Jun 1878 Ballymena 1-157; Mary Spence;
George, Jan-Mar 1879 Belfast 1-415; Lizzie Patterson;
Archy, Apr-Jun 1885 Ballymena 1-159; Agnes Jamieson;
Maggie, Apr-Jun 1885 Ballymena 1-160; James Strain;
Hannah, Oct-Dec 1890 Belfast 1-400; Robert Killips;
William Gage, Apr-Jun 1890 Belfast 1-441; Jane Todd;
Daniel, Jan-Mar 1891 Ballymoney 1-173; Annie Eliza Wright;
John, Oct-Dec 1892 Belfast 1-451; Ann Kerr;
Margaret, Jan-Mar 1892 Ballymena 1-93; Robert Colvin;
John, Jul-Sep 1893 Belfast 1-260; Isabella M'Kay;
Jane, Apr-Jun 1895 Belfast 1-281; James Steele;
Agnes, Jul-Sep 1896 Belfast 1-407; Thomas Sinclair;
Rebecca, Oct-Dec 1901 Belfast 1-393; Charles Kennett;
Daniel, Apr-Jun 1902 Belfast 1-427; Harriet Jane M'Aughtry;
Elizabeth, Oct-Dec 1902 Belfast 1-452; Patrick Wm. Orr;
Margaret, Apr-Jun 1902 Antrim 1-25; William Kerr;
William, Apr-Jun 1902 Antrim 1-1; Mary Anne Boyd;
William John, Jul-Sep 1902 Belfast 1-437; Jane Burgess Anderson;
James Spence, Jan-Mar 1903 Bellymena 1-114; Agnes Wilson;
Matilda Jane, Jul-Sep 1903 Belfast 1-367; Robert Dalzell;
William Hugh, Jan-Mar 1903 Belfast 1-497; Maggie Boyd;
Maggie, Jul-Sep 1904 Ballymoney 1-198; John Taylor Elliott;
Mary, Jul-Sep 1904 Belfast 1-370; Thos Flack;
Robert, Jan-Mar 1904 Belfast 1-290; Eliza Jane Eston;
James S, Oct-Dec 1905 Ballymena 1-119; Besse M'Grillis;
Andrew, Jul-Sep 1906 Ballymena 1-113; Lizzie Todd;
Elizabeth Woods, Oct-Dec 1907 Belfast 1-353; (see below);
Margaret Woods, Jul-Sep 1907 Belfast 1-347; (see below);
James Wilson, Oct-Dec 1907 Belfast 1-305; Sarah Jane Hoy.

NB: Elizabeth Woods M'Ilhagga and Margaret Woods M'Ilhagga are both recorded twice! One married Samuel Balance Knox and the other Hugh Rankin Torrens Wilson. I an not sure from the records which was which, though I think Margaret became a Knox and Elizabeth a Wilson.

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