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McIlhagga births and baptisms

In addition to the Civil Registration lists of Births, has access to an independent list entitled 'Ireland Births and Baptisms 1620-1911', presumably made up from Church Registers. Its McIlhagga entries clearly duplicate some of the Civil Registration lists for both M'Ilhagga and McIlhagga. However, in addition it gives a full date of birth (not only year), the name of the child's father and its mother's maiden name, and the area in which the child was baptised. So, the list below reads as follows: Given name(s), date of birth (day/month/year), father's given name(s), mother's maiden name, District/Parish of Registration and Baptism (if in brackets no information about baptism). In all cases the name of the infant and the father is McIlhagga:

Margaret Jane, 26.9.1868, George+Eliza Ann Robinson, Belfast;
John, 7.9.1868, John+Eliza McCullough, Connor;
William, 13.12.1868, Nathaniel Owens+Henrietta Wilson, Belfast;
[male], 18.6.1870, John+Eliza McCullough, Connor;
James Wilson, 7.2.1871, Nathaniel Owens +Henrietta Wilson, Belfast;
Samuel, 18.5.1871, Samuel+Elizabeth Glass, Belfast;
[female], 10.4.1872, Henry+Agnes Gardner, Connor;
[female], 3.8.1873, John+Eliza McCullough, Connor;
Eliza Ann. 5.4.1875, George+Eliza Ann Robinson, Belfast;
Maggie Meneilly, 17.5.1875, William John+Mary Meneilly, Doagh;
[male], 16.4.1875, John+Eliza McCullough, Connor;
Andrew, 21.5.1875, Eliza Ann McIlhagga, Galgorm;
John, 12.5.1875, Samuel+Eliza Glass, Belfast;
Mary Jane, 19.2.1879, Eliza Ann McIlhagga, (Slatt);
David, 6.1.1879, George+Mary Jane Boyd, (Belfast);
William John, 19.2.1879, Eliza Ann McIlhagga, (Slatt);
Andrew, 21.5.1875, Eliza Ann McIlhagga, (Antrim).

You will note that in four cases above there is no father's name. That is because it is not known. The mother's name is McIlhagga. This list also has a number of entries where the mother's name is McIlhagga and the father is known because the couple are married. In all these cases the surname of the infant is that of the father. These entries are as follows:

William John, 15.10.1867, William John McCleary+Nancy McIlhagga, Broughshane;
Mathew, 21.1.1870, Mathew McDowell+Eliza McIlhagga, Ballymena;
James, 23.7.1874, Mathew McDowell+Eliza McIlhagga, Ballymena;
Sarah, 12.5.1874, John Francey+Rachel McIlhagga, Connor;
[male], 16.5.1875, William Gibb+Mary McIlhagga, Belfast;
Margaret, 9.9.1869, John Hill+Margaret McIlhagga, Ballymena;
Crawford, 10.6.1874, John Hill+Margaret McIlhagga, Ballymena;
Sarah, 2.3.1874, John Hinton+Ellen McIlhagga, Belfast;
Letitia Jane, 2.2.1879, John Johnston+Jane McIlhagga, (Antrim);
Thomas, 1.10.1868, Robert Linton+Ann McIlhagga, Ballymena,
Agnes, 16.9.1867, Robert Linton+Ann McIlhagga, Ballymena,
Woodrow, 2.5.1875, Robert Linton+Ann McIlhagga, Ballymena;
David, 21.1.1871, Samuel Sloan+Margaret McIlhagga, Ahoghill;
David, 19.9.1867, Robert Whiteside+Esther McIlhagga, Broughshane;
John, 17.1.1870, Robert Whiteside+Esther McIlhagga, Broughshane;
[male], 11.6.1869, Samuel Winning+Maria McIlhagga, Antrim.

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