Monday, 10 December 2012

I have had a subscription to for the past year, which has been useful. However, quite a lot of information relating to Ireland is not included. There is a separate (though related) site,, the information from which one has to pay extra. Maybe next year I will switch as the Irish site seems to keep adding interesting things. Among these are 55 records of Passenger Lists leaving the UK, Land Records in 1862 for two people, namely Samuel McIlhaggert of Ballymuckvea, Connor, and William McIlhagel of Tullaghgarley, Ahoghill, and Landed estate Court Rentals for 1872 for John McIlhaggart. The 1862 ones must however be Griffith Valuations and they are free on another site. More significantly the recently added Irish Petty Sessions Court Registers have 242 results for McIlhag*. These all appear to be in Galway for either 'Sergt. McIlhaggen' or 'Geo. McIlhagger'. These two are in fact the same person who was in the Irish Constabulary in Galway. It will be most interesting to read through the many times that George appeared in Court, presumably giving evidence.

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  1. adds that John McIlhaggart's probate was in the Oct-Dec quarter of 1872 and that he lived at 101 Charles Street South.