Saturday, 1 December 2012

Half way to 1000

It's the 1st December 2012 and I'm coming towards the end of the fourth year of writing this blog. Today's 'publication' is number 500! In total I have written over 240,000 words, probably a quarter of a million by the time the third anniversary comes round. There have been 70 published comments and there are 30 signed-up followers. There have been a total of 20,697 page views so far, which is nearly 600 a month, from the UK (6828), the USA (5240), Australia (2079), Canada (1535), the remainder from the rest of the world, most views as you would expect via Google. The most viewed pages were Maxwellswalls (11.7.09), Stalag Luft 4 (18.12.10) and McIlhaggar and Galgorm (26.6.10). Ours not to reason why!

I have often wondered whether the resources which provide material for the blog would dry up and it would come to a natural end. Perhaps it will. What I would really like is for other people to contribute, but in the past this has happened only rarely. When it has, it adds enormous interest. I know that I should now turn to rewriting the Clan history, which I drafted several years ago and never published. I'm glad I didn't, as the blog has certainly revealed more. It's all in the blog but could now be put together in a more readable way. If anyone has a suggestion for a title, please let me know.

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