Thursday, 13 December 2012

Highland and Ireland

Most of the Scottish names that populated Ulster at the 17th Century Plantation and later came from the South West of Scotland, in particular Ayrshire. A few also came from further north into the Islands and Highlands. An example is McLean, a name to which I have links through my paternal grandmother. There is also a highland name which in the past I have been tempted to think was related to our own clan name, which can still be found in both Scotland and Ireland, namely McIntaggart. I have referred to it in two blogs (13 Jan 2011 and 29 Aug 2012) and I must admit that I am still ambivalent about whether there is a relationship to our name, more than the obvious shared gaelic 'sagairt', priest. Perhaps it is something that one day DNA matching may demonstrate.

I have recently come across two references which I though it worth recording, one in Scotland and one in Ireland. In the mid-19th Century there was a McIntaggart family on the Isle of Mull in Argyllshire, not far away from where my own McLeans were living. In the 1851 Census a Rachael McIntaggart appears, age 32, born 1819. She is a visitor, unmarried, a General Servant, born Kilmeny, Argyllshire, staying with the Black family: Hector 56, a farmer of five acres, born Kilfinichen, Argyllshire; Jane 54, his wife, born Kilmeny; Lachlan 27, an unmarried son, a mason's labourer, born Iona and Ann, a daughter and servant, age 15, also born Iona. Their address in 1851 was 3 Bra Chreich, Bra Chreich, Kilfinichen.

There is a Mull genealogy site which gives us four others. John McIntaggart married Christian McLean on 18 Sep 1832. Christian was probably a local girl. Then there are three people who must be their children, Archibald born 21 July 1833 (baptised 23 July in Kilfinichen), Mary baptised 25 October 1835 and Alexander baptised 17 September 1838, both also Kilfinichen. Possibly related, there is an OPR (Old Parish Register) marriage of a Jean McIntagart to Archibald Munn on 4th June 1831 in North Knapdale, Argyll. A Mary McIntagart, possibly Jean's mother or aunt was born in North Knapdale in 1795. A further 60 McIntaggarts can be found on the ScotlandsPeople website and three can be found in Liverpool, Lancashire, England, namely Owen b. 1787, Henry b.1816 and William b.1834.

My Irish reference comes from the Baptism Registers of Christ Church, Church of Ireland, Delgany (Glendalough) which is a few miles south of Dublin in County Wicklow. There are three baptisms, as follows:

Henry Perciva McEntagart, 27 Jan 1888 (b. 19 Apr 1886); parents John George and Ester Grace of Greystones where John George was a Shopkeeper;
Gladys Gwendo M'Entagart, 10 Apr 1889 (b. 19 Dec 1888); parents John George and Ester Grace of Greystones, where John George was a Licenced Victualler;
Edith Rebecca M'Entagart, 16 Apr 1890 (b. 25 Jan 1890); parents John George and Ester Grace, of The Beach, Greystones, where John George was a Licenced Victualler.

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