Monday, 2 July 2012

1940 U.S. Federal Census

The above Census has been published on the Internet site 'World Vital Records' and includes six McIlhaggas, as follows:

Catherine (she didn't use her middle name of McCulloch), who was one of my second cousins once removed, was a single middle-aged woman employed as a servant (maid) by the Warner family at 37 Middlesex Ave, Erie, New York. She gave her age as 48 though in fact she was 52. E. Carl Warner, 44, was a Partner in a firm. His wife Margaret was 41 and their children were Murray 16 and Barbara 13. They employed two other 'live in' maids, Agnes Kells 50 and Lillian William 59.

Ina (Alexandrina) was a younger sister of Catherine, living alone at 1097 Elmwood Avenue, Erie, New York. She was a Nurse, doing 'private duty'. She was later to marry James Strathearn, though we do not have a date or place for this.

James, Jean and their two children also lived in Erie, New York. James was a younger brother to Catherine and Ina. This family lived at 114 Woodside. James, 41, was a Switchman in a Steel Mill. Jean (she didn't use her middle name of 'Blue'), also 41, like James had been born in Scotland. Their two sons had been born in Buffalo, New York, James in 1926 and William in 1937.

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