Friday, 13 July 2012

McIlhagger/McIlhago - McClean

In the Kirkinriola records I next came upon the baptism of Hugh, on 20 July 1853 (born 26 March 1853), son of George McClean of Harryville, Labourer, and Margaret McIlhagger of Ballyclug. Fortunately we have a marriage record for George McClean and a Margaret McIlhago, daughter of Henry, a farmer, on 24 May 1849. At their marriage she was said to be from Kirkinriola. George's father was James McClean, also a Labourer. They didn't marry at St. Patrick's Church of Ireland, which is where they had their infant baptised, but at The First Presbyterian Church, Ballymena, with witnesses John McBride and William Cairns. Both then gave their occupation as 'Servant'. I mentioned this couple on 3 October 2011 to say I had no more information on them. Now at least we have a child and a mention of Ballyclug. However, the only clan family known to me from Ballyclug has no Henry! I am still at a loss to know where this family fits into a family tree. My best (only) speculation is the same as yesterday's. From the view of date (and possibly place) Margaret could be a sibling of Henry, John and Robert.

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