Monday, 9 July 2012

Templepatrick Parish

The next set of records I searched in PRONI recently were those of Templepatrick Church of Ireland and I found one baptism, that of Elizabeth Ingram, daughter of Henry and Agnes Mcilhaggo (sic) of Maxwell's Walls, Farmer, by (Rev) Jas. Gilchrist. Elizabeth was born on 27 August 1856 and baptised on 7 September. Now Henry McIlhaggo and Agnes McMeekin had been married the year before, on 31 August 1855, at Templepatrick Presbyterian Church. Why then did they have their first child baptised in the Anglican Church? It wasn't because the Anglican records predated those of the Presbyterian Church, though in PRONI there were no Presbyterian Church records to consult. The new fact that we can learn from this record is that Elizabeth's father, Henry, was a farmer in the townland of Maxwell's Walls, where a number of other clan members also farmed.

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