Friday, 20 July 2012

Name 'deviant'

Yesterday's blog made me go to the 1901 and 1911 Irish Censuses and rather than put in a name, I put in the names of streets where I knew clan members lived, or had lived. The result was that I found three siblings living together whom I had missed before. The reason I had missed them was because when they (or the enumerator) had filled up the Census form the surname written down was 'as heard' rather than as handed down in the family. The result was as follows:

1901 Census: 98 Queen Street, Ballymena:

Mary Miclhagga, age 22, Head, Spinner, Church of Ireland;
Andrew Miclhagga, age 20, Son, Machine Boy, Church of Ireland;
Clark Miclhagga, age 18, Son, Carter, Church of Ireland.

Mary did sign the form, using the same spelling. They were the three youngest offspring of John McIlhagga and Mary Ann Atkinson. I suspect their parents had both died and that the three eldest, William, John and Elizabeth Jane were living elsewhere. William was married by then to Agnes Anderson McClure. John was married to Mary Sloan. I have no knowledge of what happened to Elizabeth Jane.

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