Thursday, 23 August 2012

A tenancy for Archibald

On 15 August I reported that in 1898 the name of John W. McElhagga had been crossed out from plots 28a and 29 in Maxwell's Walls, in Book D of the Griffrith's Valuation Continuation Volumes. I did not then say that the name inserted was that of Archibald McElhagga which in its turn was then crossed out in 1902 and that of Agnes inserted. The Immediate Lessor column had the note 'In fee'. The size of the plot was Acres 27, Roods 0, Perches 5, for which was being paid in 1909 the sums of £12.5.0. for land and £1.10.0 for property, a total of £13.15.0. Also against the plot 29b in 1902 the name of Mary McMullen was deleted as was Archibald McElhagga as the Immediate Lessor (it had been John W. McElhagga before Archibald). The name of Agnes McElhagga remained against plots 28a and 29 until 1922 when it was deleted and the name of Robert Scott inserted.

Who was Archibald and who was Agnes? This was certainly Archibald the fifth son of William and Margaret McIlhaggo, who was born about 1853. He died on 10 April 1898 at the young age of 45. Agnes (nee Jamieson) was his wife. They had married on 8 June 1885 in Wellington Street Presbyterian Church, Ballymena. She was born on 26 April 1865. Clearly she continued farming until 1922 when she retired to live to the grand age of 90 years, dying in 1956.

This blog completes all the references I found in PRONI to the Griffith's Valuation Continuation Books relating to the parish of Connor.

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