Sunday, 5 August 2012

Two bits

1. In the Brigham Young University, Banyan Yearbook (Provo, UT) page 422, the Class of 1961 is listed Joseph Alan McIlhagga. I would be very interested to know who Joseph Alan was or is. We have very few Josephs and practically no Alans!

2. The Irish Emerald Ancestors website has added BMDs from the 3rd Presbyterian Church, Ballymena, 1829-1864. The names listed includes McIlhaga. However, when I searched for McIlhaga no names came up between 1829 and 1864. I emailed Emerald Ancestors who replied promptly. The explanation is that the spelling McIlhaga during that period applies only to the mothers of children born to Heaney, McDowell and Witherspoon families. Where the child's name is McIlhagga it is spelled with a double 'g', so I must presume that there were none between 1829 and 1864.

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