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A couple of years ago I found a 17th Century Will which at first I thought might be for a man with a version of our clan name, Farquhar McIntagairt, from Inverness in 1667. Subsequently considerable doubt was thrown on this possibility from an etymological viewpoint when I found out a little more about the Gaelic make up of the name, and I wrote a fairly extensive blog about this on 13 Jan 2011. However, I am including now, for completion, references to the document collections I have found recently which include the name or variations of it, first from Dunbarton - Writs of Munro of Foulis, 1299 - 1711 where in 1566 one Patrick Mcintagirt was a witness; second from Marriage Books in both the Midlothian: Edinburgh - Commissariot of Argyll, Register of Inventories, 1693-1702, and in Inverness: Commissariot Record of Inverness, 1630 - 1801.

The record from Inverness is that which includes a reference to the Will I found earlier with the date which I presume to be the probate date of 17 June 1667, in Fanellan, with the information that Farquhar married Katherine nein Alister vic Ean Vore (Katherine daughter of Alister son of Ean ?). There are four records from Argyll, all a generation later, so one is tempted to think they concern the offspring of Farquhar and Katherine, except that there are three Johns who died in different years. Maybe two of them were offspring and maybe all are related. For the record they are:

M'Intagart (M'Intagert, M'Intagirt), Hugh, in Tountaynish. See M'Ilvernock, Effie.

M'Intagart (M'Intagert, M'Intagirt) John, in Crosshill. See Mairtain, Marie.
Mairtaine, Marie, spouse to John M'Intagirt in Crosshill, par.(ish) of Kilkeran, d. Jan 1694; Malcolm and John, children 04 May 1694.

M'Intagart (M'Intagert, M'Intagirt) Mary, spouse to John M'Cleran in Cove, d. May 1693 11 Jul 1693.
M'laurine (M'Claurine, M'Cleran, M'Laurin, M'Claurine) John, in Cove. See M'Intagirt, Mary.

M'Intagart (M'Intagert, M'Intagirt) John, in Auchadachein, par.(ish) of Kilfinan, d. Dec 1701 01 Dec 1701.

M'Intagart (M'Intagert, M'Intagirt) John, in Auchadalverrie, par.(ish) of Kilfinnan, d. Mar 1698; Christian N'Keich, relict; Archibald, son 07 Feb 1699.

Together with Christian (or Christine) there is the beautiful silhouette portrait which I have reproduced above. From 100 years before Farquhar comes the extracted Parish Record from the Writs of Munro of Foulis, subtitled Hic dies eorum obitis et non sepulturae annotator. The text reads:

80. 02 Oct 1566. Notarial Instrument under the hand of James Buchart, clerk, of the diocese of Brechin, narrating that in presence of him the witnesses underwritten, compeared Robert Munro of Fowlis and discharged John Munro and Farquhar Munro, his brother, portioners of the feu-lands and town of Kilterne, with the mylne zair and fishing thereof, of 14 barrels of salmon owing by them to said Robert Munro for the fishing of said zair for the years 1564 and 1565, for which discharge said John Munro and Farquhar Munro resigned said fishing in favour of said Robert Munro, without prejudice to said town lands and mylne of Kilterne together with ale-house. Witnesses, Paul Munro Robertson, Patrick Mcintagirt, Alexander Mcawne moir, Hector Munro Johnesoun, and sir Alexander Moresoun. (NB. the title sir indicates an ordained priest).

The above extracts can be found on, and each has the footnote that the copyright 2012 is with The Generations Network, Inc.

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