Sunday, 19 August 2012

Two Weaver tenancies

Before considering any further references in the Valuation Books for Connor, I think I should look for any references to the other clan member who appears in the 1835 Tithe Book for Connor, namely James McIlhaggo, and also the other man who, given his probable dates, may well be another brother in this family, Francis McIlhaggo. Both James and Frances were Weavers by trade. James married the 'other' daughter of Francis Gardiner. Mary Anne, and had five children. Francis married Nancy Fletcher and also had five children. Neither were in the original Connor Griffith's Valuation but both appeared in the Continuation books of the Ballymena Union, Kells Electoral Division.  

In Book A under the townland of Slaght we find James McHaggar, at Map 12f renting a house for 15/-. He appears also in Continuation Book B with the same map reference where his name is deleted and that of his wife Mary Anne McIlhaggar inserted as the house resident, still paying 15/-. We may therefore assume that James died in 1890. In Book C, dated 1901, with the same map reference, Mary Anne McIlhaggar's name is deleted from the house, with the note 'Kennedy got h. by exchange'. this  could imply that someone called Kennedy and Mary Anne swapped houses, though there is no sign in these Books of her occupying another house. Clearly we can draw no conclusion from this that Mary Anne had died.

This brings us to Francis who is not in the 1835 Tithe Book. He is however to be found in the 1862 Griffith's Valuation for the nearby townland of Ballymuckvea, which, like Slaght is in the Parish of Connor but is found under the Kells Electoral Division. Francis' landlord is named, Alexander Brownlee, who in 1865 had married Nancy Betty, a daughter of William and Margaret McIlhagga. This was one of six houses on the same plot of land. Alexander and Nancy Betty lived in another of the houses. This plot has map reference B, with house Bb being occupied by Francis and Nancy. He was paying 15/- per annum for the house. In Bc was Elizabeth Francey, presumably related to Thomas Francey who married Jane(t), one of the daughters of Francis and Nancy McIlhaggo.

When we move to Book B we find Francis McElhagga's name deleted from the Ballymuckvea house and the name of James Cooper inserted. This presumably gives us the death year for Francis of 1889 when he would have been about 80 years old. As there is no reference to his wife Nancy continuing to live there, we may presume that she predeceased him. In that family Francis' name continued through his grandson born to his son William, in Paisley, Scotland in 1882.

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